Pemberton Elementary
Pemberton Elementary School was built in 1950 to serve students in 10 classrooms.  In 2001 the building was renovated and expanded to 25 classrooms and serves three programs; Traditional grades Pre K – 5, Judy Center Y3/Pre-K/K,and one modified self-contained special education classroom.  Pemberton serves a diverse population with varying socioeconomic status.  In school year 2013-2014,61% of the student population received free or reduced lunch and all students received the Maryland Meals for Readiness breakfast program.  The instructional program is guided by the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards which were fully implemented in grades PreK – 5 during the 2013-2014 school year.

Upcoming Events:

September 5 & 6 - Prekindergarten & Kindergarten Parent Conferences
September 7 & 8 - Prekindergarten & Kindergarten Staggered Enrollment
September 11 - All Prekindergarten & Kindergarten Students Report

Pemberton Administration
Principal: Melissa Eiler