Lower Shore Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program
Program Coordinator,  Latrice Gray
Phone: 410-677-6590
Fax: 410-677-0206

The Lower Shore Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program (LSECMHCP)

(Formerly known as the Lower Shore Early Intervention Program - LSEIP)

Serving children ages birth to five, their parents and child care providers/early educators, the Lower Shore Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program (LSECMHCP ) is designed to improve challenging behaviors, promote healthy emotional and social development, and maintain child care placements.

Our goal is to help parents and care givers recognize truly concerning behaviors versus normal developmental milestones. We will address emotional and behavioral concerns and will train all those involved in the child's care how to address these areas as well.

Early intervention is designed to prevent future problems and help prepare young children for school. We believe if a child isn’t emotionally or socially ready for school, he or she may not be capable of academic success.

Parents and/or child care providers are invited to contact LSECMHCP with concerns about a child’s behavior. The LSECMHCP Team will assess the child at child care and at home to identify troubling behaviors and possible environmental concerns. The LSECMHCP Team will provide brief intervention strategies for use at home and at child care, education and information on early childhood development and mental health issues, and community referrals for continued support, as needed.

LSECMHCP is part of Salisbury University’s Lower Shore Child Care Resource Center, located at Suite 500, East Campus Complex, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD 21801. LSECMHCP is sponsored by Salisbury University's Department of Social Work, and funded by the Maryland State Department
of Education.

Our Mission

To provide quality early childhood behavior interventions, assessments and educational trainings for caregivers of children ages birth to five with social/emotional, developmental or behavioral needs


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