Wicomico Early Learning Center

The Wicomico Early Learning Center will provide a safe and caring environment that will meet the needs of students and promote the development of potential. We are committed to providing a stimulating environment that:
     - Fosters a desire to learn
     - Promotes a healthy self-image
     - Celebrates diversity
     - Values parental/community involvement


Upcoming Events:

June 8 - Prekindergarten Promotion Ceremony

June 13 - Prekindergarten & Y3 Field Day

June 13 - 1/2 Day - Early Dismissal at 1:30pm

June 14 - 1/2 Day - Early Dismissal at 1:30pm

June 14
- Last Day for all WELC Students

June 15 - Last Day of School for WCPS

June 18 - Last Day of School for WELC Teachers

Ms. Melva Wright

Ms. Melva Wright

Principal - Wicomico Early Learning Center
Coordinator - Wicomico Judy Center Partnership