Welcome to the Wicomico Judy Center Partnership

The mission of the Judy Center is to provide comprehensive, integrated, full-day, full-year services that promote school readiness for children birth through age six.

The mission requires the development of collaborative, integrated programs and approaches that support the young children's development in social and emotional language and literacy, cognitive and general knowledge approaches toward learning, and physical well-being and motor areas enhancing readiness to school while supporting families in their abilities to support their children's early learning.

What is a Judy Center?


  • A Judy Center is a concept, not a place.
  • At the heart of the Judy Center concept is collaboration and partnerships.
  • The partnership coordinates the development of comprehensive, integrated services.
  • The partnership's mission is to improve school readiness.


Who was Judy?

Judy Centers are named after the late Judith P. Hoyer, an early childhood advocate and Supervisor of Early Childhood Education for Prince George's County, Maryland Public Schools. In 1993, with the opening of the Early Childhood and Family Learning Center in Adelphi, Maryland, Mrs. Hoyer brought to life an innovative vision for housing educational and other community services in one building. This unique approach provided collaboration among specialists in various programs to better serve children and their families.

After her death in 1997, "Judy Centers" began opening across the state with state grant funds provided by the Maryland State Department of Education to carry out her legacy. Thousands of young children and their families are benefiting from Mrs. Hoyer's expertise and foresight. Today, the programs and activities offered through the Judy Centers reflect her vision of how professionals must collaborate to integrate a wide spectrum of early childhood education programs and family support services for children age birth through kindergarten. Judy Centers were written into Maryland law in May 2000.

Recent News

Ms. Becker
Ms. Cindy Becker was named the Wicomico County Primary Finalist for the Teacher of the Year Program in addition to being the Wicomico Early Learning Center's Teacher of the Year! Please join us in congratulating this remarkable Prekindergarten teacher!

Upcoming Events

Chipman - Prekindergarten Parent Conferences 8/29 & 8/30
Pemberton - Prekindergarten Parent Conferences 8/29 & 8/30
Wicomico Early Learning Center (WELC) - Prekindergarten Parent Conferences 8/29 & 8/30
Chipman - Prekindergarten Staggered Enrollment 8/31, 9/1, 9/2
Pemberton - Prekindergarten Staggered Enrollment 8/31, 9/1, 9/2
WELC - Prekindergarten Staggered Enrollment 8/31, 9/1, 9/2

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